Ted and Ronnie Kimble were wrongfully convicted of murdering Ted's wife, Patricia. Ted has exhausted all of his appeals, but Ronnie has not. They are in dire need of public assistance to prove their innocence. Please read our Plea for Help and provide whatever assistance you can.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Plea for Help

WANTED:  Legal & Investigative Assistance  

Ronnie's case was featured on American Justice: The Brothers Kimble, which first aired on July 23, 2005.  A synopsis of the show and clips of interviews with Ted Kimble, Ronnie Kimble, and Mitch Whidden can be seen online at this location.   A YouTube of the entire segment, with some commentary, can be seen on The Kimble Brothers blogThe Brothers Kimble raises several issues about the case and American Justice has expressed a willingness to do a follow-up segment if new evidence is discovered. 

Our website, ronniekimble.com, houses all of the court documents and transcripts for Ronnie's trial and completed appeals as well as arguments for his factual innocence.  Ronnie was tried first because the State believed it had a stronger case against him than against Ted.  By convicting Ronnie, Ted's conviction was assured and Ted ultimately pled guilty.  Likewise, by proving Ronnie's innocence, we also prove Ted's innocence.

We are seeking legal assistance from law students, law professors, paralegals, and attorneys in the appeals remaining for Ronnie so he can receive a new trial. 
  • Legal opinions
  • Related case laws and issues
  • Motions to be filed
  • Networking with professionals interested in this case
We are also seeking help from law students, journalism students, investigative reporters, and private investigators to help prove Ronnie's innocence by re-examining key evidence used to convict him.
  • Fire burn evidence, critical to establishing time of death AND the only opportunity Ronnie had to be at the scene of the crime.  If the fire burn analysis is in error, or made to appear more certain than it was, the opportunity for Ronnie to commit this crime evaporates.
  • Ballistic evidence, critical to Ronnie having access to the alleged murder weapon.  Analysis of the bullet found in the victim was performed by the North Carolina SBI, which has come under recent scrutiny for improper handling of various types of evidence.  If the bullet did not come from Ted Kimble's Glock which was in the home, as the analysis reports, then obviously some intruder committed the crime and not Ronnie.
  • The confession to Mitch Whidden.  As noted in The Brothers Kimble, for two years investigators lacked evidence to bring charges against either Ronnie or Ted, until Whidden came forward with the alleged confession by Ronnie.  Did Whidden receive any incentive for his story?  Was Whidden unduly influenced by repeated visits to Camp Lejeune by investigators? Does Whidden stand by his story today?
  • Snitch testimonies of Patrick Pardee and Robert Nicholes, critical to proving the connection between Ted and Ronnie.  Did Pardee and Nicholes receive special treatment in their own pending criminal cases in exchange for this testimony?  Will either recant his testimony?
Finally, we are seeking the help of journalism students and investigative reporters to identify individuals during that time period to identify elements similar to the Kimble burglary that resulted in Patricia's death and thus establish possible suspects.  An interrupted burglary is the most reasonable explanation for what happened to Patricia Kimble.

If you are interested in helping, please send an email to ronniekimble51@yahoo.com identifying the specific area you wish to know more about.  Or call 336-298-6611 to arrange a personal interview with Ronnie's parents. 

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